I was born in 1967 in France.
From an early age, I showed a keen interest on sounds, shapes, colors and flavors.

My childhood and adolescence were marked by intense musical, graphics and culinary activities.

From my fourteenth year, I turned in a specialized school that trains future musicians.

I then continued my musical higher education at the conservatories of Reims (France) and Liege (Belgium) where I obtained a post-graduate degree diploma with the trombone and composition.

Shortly after, I spent one year in the Himalayas in order to make an ethnomusicological study on the connections between the indigenous music (sacred and profane) and the alterations of consciousness.
Back in Europe, I played in various classical and contemporary music groups, and specialized in improvisation, now my chosen special field.

Since then, I multiplied musical and multidisciplinary experiences through performances that combine music, dance, visual arts, theater and new-circus.

In conjunction with my instrumental performer career, I compose music for the world of entertainment, mostly for contemporary dance and circus, as well as films, animated films, dance videos.